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Whatever vocation your degree leads you to, at Regents Theological College you will be prepared for Ministry and Mission – your thinking expanded, your love extended, and your skills enabled. Regents is also the national training centre for the Elim Pentecostal Churches.


We unashamedly encourage all students studying theology at Regents to stretch their minds; to see things from different perspectives, and to develop academic muscles that enable them to critically navigate their way through a changing world.


It is our prayer than anyone studying at Regents Theological College encounters God personally, and is transformed by His loving presence in their lives. This ultimately prepares them to see others transformed in the same way.


We also want to put practical skills into the hands of all the Regents students, so they understand, and are ready for, the day-to-day reality of ministry and mission whether that is in the context of church, education, chaplaincy or everyday life.

Our Courses

At Regents we offer a range of undergraduate degrees in Applied Theology with tracks in Youth Ministry, Performing Arts, and Church Leadership.
Our postgraduate courses include an MA in Applied Theology, a PG Certificate in Applied Theology, and an MRes in Theology.
If you are looking for a shorter course, why not consider our Ministry Foundation Certificate.

Applications for the 2023/24 curriculum year, that begins in September 23, are now open. 

To apply, please click the following links for undergraduate or postgraduate applications.

If you would like to talk through your study options, or visit Regents campus, please call Peter Hutchinson on 07851 249074, or send him an email him at

For further details about all the courses on offer, please see the links below.

Open Days

Our next curriculum year starts in September 2023, and we are accepting applications for our undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes that start then.

If you’re thinking of theology, and would like to find out about Regents, we have organised a series of campus and online Open Days on the following dates.

Please fill out the form here to register.

Our response to Covid-19

Our priority at Regents is the safety and security of our staff, our students, and the West Malvern community where Regents is based.