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Three Years at REGENTS will change your life

Regents Theological College is amongst the foremost Pentecostal Bible Colleges in Europe, and one of the largest in the UK. It is also the national training centre for the Elim Pentecostal Churches, and has been training people to serve in a range of Christian ministries, both in the church and wider community, for over 90 years.

The Regents campus is spectacularly located in a Victorian county house on the western slopes of the Malvern Hills, with views stretching across Herefordshire towards mid Wales.

The theological college welcomes students from many different countries, cultures and denominations, offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Applied Theology. It also runs the Ministry Foundation Certificate (MFC), a years course for people applying to become ministers within the Elim Church Movement.  

Students at Regents can study either residentially (on campus) or from home (in context) through our range of study programmes.

Living on campus at Regents gives you the opportunity to be fully involved in the academic, social and spiritual community at the heart of the college, whatever your age, leading to lifelong friendships; studying in context from home allows you to remain involved in your church ministry or current working environment, joining us on campus for four days (Tuesday to Friday) every five weeks for the module lectures, to then return home to complete assessments with further input from the Regents academic staff.

For residential students, we offer a range of budget, standard, and premier study bed-sitting rooms, to flats for married couples and families; most rooms are en suite, and all have internet access. Context students can book into our Conference Centre when they join us on site.

Our Vision

Rooted in its Pentecostal heritage, Regents Theological College is a Christ-centred learning and spiritual community resourcing the Church for ministry and mission.

Regents Theological College seeks to provide an educational context in a caring community where men and women are prepared for effective service in the Church, and in the wider community, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission Statement

  • To prepare men and women for ministry within the Elim Pentecostal Church movement, and elsewhere.
  • To provide an educational context in which students can achieve their academic potential through validated or non-validated programmes of theological study, up to bachelor, masters and doctoral level.
  • To work with students, both formally and informally, in their personal spiritual formation.
  • To assist students in focussing on, and preparing for, their chosen career.
  • To train and develop serving Elim Ministers, and Ministers from other Christian denominations, through open learning study and traditional teaching methods.
  • To develop a faculty and staff team who are fulfilled in their role, and who are encouraged to reach their highest potential in their particular field.

Validation Regents is an approved academic partner of University of Chester

About College
About College

Regents Theological College is an approved academic partner of the University of Chester. Our courses are validated by the University of Chester and students who successfully complete their programme of study will be eligible for a University of Chester award, with the exception of The Ministry Foundation Certificate (MFC), which is a Regents/Elim Churches recognised course.

The University of Chester is one of the oldest English higher education establishments of any kind, pre-dating all but Oxford, Cambridge, London and Durham, and its original buildings in the City of Chester were the first in the country to be purpose-built for the professional training of teachers. Educational degrees are now just a small part of the 477 course combinations on offer.

In the 20th Century, the institution steadily expanded its student numbers and the variety and nature of its courses, which range from Applied Theology to Weight Management.

The University of Chester now has some 16,800 students, drawn from the United Kingdom, Europe and overseas, and particularly France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Australia, the United States, India, China, Nigeria, Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. For more information about the University of Chester please click here.

Quality Assurance QAA Review

Quality Assurance Agency Review

The Quality Assurance for Higher Education ( QAA) is the independent body entrusted with monitoring and advising on standards and quality in UK higher education. The QAA act in the public interest, for the benefit of students and are dedicated to checking that the students working towards a UK qualification get the higher education experience they are entitled to expect.

As a part of our commitment to academic excellence Regents Theological  College has invested in the process of reviews and monitoring carried out by the QAA to make sure that we meet agreed UK expectations and continue to offer our students and constituencies the high standards they have come to expect from our College.

Regents Theological College has recently undergone a Higher Education  Review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and has received its final report, which is available in full here

We have received the following judgements from QAA

The maintenance of the academic standards of awards offered on behalf of degree-awarding bodies and/or other awarding organisations meets UK expectations.

The quality of student learning opportunities at the provider (Regents Theological College) meets UK expectations.

The quality of the information about learning opportunities meets UK expectations.

The enhancement of student learning opportunities at the provider (Regents Theological College) meets UK expectations.

Latest Action plan arising from the Review is here