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Modes of study – Campus or Context

Students at Regents Theological College have the option to study on campus or in context.
Many ask which is better, although this may not be the right question, as the decision very much depends on you and your circumstances.

If you are younger and want to come and study as part of the Regents community, with the all the associated campus connections and Christian fellowship that support you through your undergraduate degree, then being on campus would be your choice.

If you are older, have family, a part-time job, or a role at church, then studying from home, ‘in context’, would be a better choice.

Regents Theological College is an approved academic partner with the University of Chester, and both modes of study give you the same degree. Both also give you the opportunity to learn and grow. On campus you can put more focussed time into study; in context you will need to be able to juggle the multiple disciplines of work, family, and your church commitment.

If there is a question, it is probably which is better for you?

Campus opportunities:

  • Being part of the Regents community, where staff and students can give you support
  • Weekly tutor groups with staff to see how you’re doing, answer questions, and encourage you as you progress
  • Easy access to weekly devotional activities and the onsite men and women’s ministries, and prayer groups
  • The opportunity to move from home into a strong Christian community, with full catering for your first two years, and self-catering in your third year
  • Easy access to Regents Library
  • Being able to connect to a new, local church

Context opportunities:

  • Being able to stay at home, within your local and church community
  • Being able to continue to serve in, and receive support from, your home church
  • Tutor contact when you are onsite for your study weeks

** Please note, as a context student, you will not be able to study on the Applied Theology and Performing Arts degree, or take biblical languages unless you are close enough to college to attend each Monday morning across the year.

You can also study on a full-time or part-time basis.

Most students at Regents study on a full-time basis, over three years, but if time doesn’t allow, you can study as a part-time student over six years.

Campus based learning (full-time) 

Our classic community based approach to studying on a full-time basis, whilst living on campus in the College’s spectacularly situated halls-of-residence in the Malvern Hills. Students study 6 one-week modules each year, as they work towards their degree, supported by tutorials, seminars and self-learning, within the College’s comprehensive spiritual environment. Students have the opportunity to undertake placements and/or serve in local churches as their studies progress. 

Courses available:

Context Based Learning (full-time)

Students are usually based in an agreed local church, often working as a Minister In Training (MIT), intern or volunteer for up to 20 hours a week. They are also full-time students of Regents Theological College, studying from that home setting for the remainder of the week. They visit the College campus in Malvern for 5 separate one-week modules a year for the face-to-face taught elements of the course. This is supported by tutorials and seminars delivered via Skype or online. Context based student’s gain valuable experiential learning in being able to directly apply the practical aspects of their studies with involvement in their church or workplace as they progress.

Courses available:

Context based learning (part-time)

Identical to full-time context based learning, except students visit the Regents campus 2 or 3 times a year to study the core modules at half pace, with each level taking two years to complete, and 6 years in all. Students typically need to commit 12-15 hours of study per week, and the courses can be taken alongside a full or part-time ministry, their on-going career, and/or work commitments.

Courses available:

Modular learning 

Enables students to study in a completely flexible way, and is ideal for those who already have a degree in another discipline, are in ministry, or don’t wish to commit to lengthy periods of study but nevertheless want to learn. Students select the particular modules they wish to take, register, and attend those courses on the Regents campus in Malvern. The flexible nature of modular learning allows students to study one, or any number of modules across a year. Students come to the campus for a week of lectures per module, but there are no assessments or essays to write, so no university qualification is awarded. This option is simply about developing your knowledge. 

Courses available:

A range of modules from the Theology, Church Leadership and Youth Ministry tracks.