Course Codes for Student Finance

Student Finance is the UK government department that students apply to for funding for tuition fee loans and maintenance loans whilst studying at university. Funding is currently available for residents in England, Northern Ireland (with some restrictions), Scotland and Wales.

For more details, and to apply, please go to:

Most students start their application before they have been accepted at university, as the process can be time consuming. By having a live application, it is a simple process to confirm you have a place at a later date, and access the finance available to you.

All our undergraduate and postgraduate courses have specific codes that are recognised on the Student Finance web site, as follows:

Undergraduate (BA Hons)

Full-time Campus and Context based Applied Theology  
Theology, Church Leadership,  or Youth Ministry 54028
Full-time Campus based in Applied Theology and Performing Arts 514414
Part-time Context based and existing Open Learners living in
England and Northern Ireland
Wales 802962

Postgraduate (MA and MRes)

Postgraduate MA in Applied Theology 832167
Postgraduate MA MRes in Applied Theology 828679

If you are resident in Wales, please use the following codes for Postgraduate applications:
Postgraduate MA in Applied Theology                                                                  568675
Postgraduate MA MRes in Applied Theology                                                       586711

When applying for funding for postgraduate studies please make it clear how many years you intend to take in completing your MA. Most students take 3 years.

All part-time context students should ensure they only apply for £3,000 (as opposed to the £3,900 that is being offered) for each academic year
Please note: Student tuition fee loans for undergraduate students are paid directly to Regents Theological College. Tuition fee loans for postgraduate students are paid to the student, who is then required to pass those fees directly to Regents Theological College.