Students' Union

Chester Students’ Union (CSU) is an independent charitable organisation which aims to ensure that students are supported and that student views and opinions are voiced at all University meetings.
Partner Students are a very valued member of the Union and CSU will help with any support they may need whilst being a student. It is a place where students can go for professional, independent, confidential support, information and guidance on any issues they may face with aspects such as accommodation, finance, health awareness, welfare and academic matters, including advice on academic appeals and cases of academic malpractice. A drop-in service is available Monday to Friday and students can email the team at any time on
Students can access a range of discounts, offers and competitions by purchasing a NUS Extra discount card. It costs just £13 and allows holders to save up to £1,000 on purchases from major retailers such as Topshop, Pizza Hut and HMV across the UK and rest of the world and is available from